Is it your birthday on july 8 or 9, 2023 and are you 18 years or older? Then you can claim a free ticket for 90’s Forever 2023. Read the terms and conditions below and get in touch with our organization.


  • Send us the full details (name, address, phone number and birthdate) via mail to our organisation. The organisation will get in touch with you about the ticket.
  • You also have the opportunity to bring a maximum of 8 friends (18 years and older) for a reduced fee. You will pay 33,50 per ticket. The amount of people and names should be written upfront in the e-mail you send us. The owed amount can be transfered via electronic wire transfer or cash.
  • Make sure you have a valid ID card with you, cause we will ask for it (no copies!).
  • Tickets already bought by friends cannot be returned for the reduced fee.
  • This promotion runs until June 1, 2023. All requests coming in after this date will NOT be processed. Please keep this in mind!
  • Just to be clear: the promotion is only intended for people who have their birthday on July 8 or July 9!


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